Cottesloe Office Gets a Cool Clean Ahead of Summer

Have you ever seen your office cleaners in Perth arrive with ladders in hand?

Didn’t think so.

It’s not normal, but then again, neither is our service!

Every office is unique, and we understand that your Perth office will have its own set of cleaning requirements. We customize each job according to the space, and make sure to do all the little things. If that means arriving to a new customer’s office with ladders — to reach the very top of your wooden blinds, windows or ceiling vents — well that’s just what we will do!

Cottesloe is a trendy area, usually associated with the iconic Cott beach and surrounding cafe area.

But there are many local offices scattered throughout this breezy suburb. Cottesloe offices require the best cleaners that do all the small things to keep them looking great.

Lisa and the team from Harmony Agriculture and Food Company, which has its WA office located in Cottesloe, needed cleaning with a personal touch — we were there to listen and problem solve with them.

High wooden blinds and ceiling vents? We brought a ladder to reach the highest spec of dust.

Intrepid Cleaning Cottesloe WA Office Cleaning

Before and after photo of a ceiling vent, our cleaners arrived with ladders to remove dust collected on the air vents.

Our best advertisement is our service, so start a weekly cleaning service with us and you’ll receive a free spring clean. This helps us maintain an impeccable standard for your office. You can cancel any time (but no-one ever does) so why not try us out?