School and education facility cleaning services


The final bell ringing at the end of the school day.

Welcomed by teachers, parents and students alike... But for us, it's our favourite time of the day too — it means we can come in and work our magic.

Schools and education facilities can have hundreds of students, staff and visitors using the premises each day, leading to particularly demanding environments to clean.

Bacteria and illness can spread quickly from student to student, keeping a school thoroughly clean helps to minimise the spread of illness for students and staff alike and thus ensures both a better learning experience and a better working environment.

Creating a safe school environment

At Intrepid Cleaning we understand that security is of utmost importance in a school setting, so all staff are police checked, WWC cleared and wear uniforms so they can be easily identified.

In a large school setting, cleaning quality can slip if the right processes aren't in place, that's why we employ rigorous team supervision and quality auditing for every service. Triple-checking our cleaning enables us to achieve the high standards we set ourselves for all school premises.

Carefully selected non-toxic products

Your students and staff should never be exposed to harmful cleaning products, that's why our school cleaners only use green and eco-friendly products.

A growing number of children are developing allergies and having adverse reactions to chemicals, which can be particularly bad for those suffering with asthma and other respiratory issues. By using non-toxic and natural products these problems can be minimised greatly. For added peace of mind, we always provide Safety Data Sheets (SDS) forms for all products used on your premise.

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