Strata Cleaning Services Perth

Protect your asset, don't take chances when it comes to hiring a cleaning company to look after your building.

We work closely with strata property managers and council of owners to clean commercial, residential and mixed-purpose buildings across Perth.

We offer a hassle-free service to property managers — we operate in the background. Frequent inspections and on-site supervision means we catch any small issues before they turn into large problems.

We employ permanent staff — we are not a franchise, and we don't sub-contract — this means we are accountable and we are able to exercise more control over our permanent staff.

In other words: we keep our promises to you.

Strata Cleaning and Body Corporate Cleaning in Perth WA

Strata Cleaners That Do The Little Things

Most of our strata customers come to us after experiencing the following problems:

  • Existing cleaners became complacent, only doing the bare minimum each service
  • Cleaners showing no initiative — usually following the checklist too literally (or ignoring it altogether)
  • Company under-staffing the building (both cleaning staff & supervisor inspections)
  • Cleaners unwilling to do the little things — any additional requests met with ‘push-back’
  • Communication problems – difficult to get in contact with the supervisor from the cleaning company
  • Failure to report property maintenance issues

Our Solutions

To solve these problems for the Building Owners and Strata Managers, we use a permanent team of cleaners that we are directly accountable for.

Our strata cleaners are incentivised to report property maintenance issues, so you catch any potential problems early.  And in the process, you look great to your clients, while protecting the owners' asset.

We aim to make your job easy. We come to you with solutions, not problems.

How We Do It — An Example

How do we do it? Here's one example:

In October 2018, Intrepid Cleaning started cleaning a 6-story complex in East Perth.  The job involved daily cleaning of the building's common areas.  The council of owners decided to replace the previous cleaning company after a long period of poor quality and communication.

In our first 3 months of cleaning our cleaners went above and beyond what was required according to the 'checklist.' Some of the little extras we did:

  1. After noticing cracked tiles in one of the common area bathrooms, we organised a tradesperson to come and replace the broken tiles — including: arranging 3 quotes, sourcing replacement tiles (and grout), meeting the tradesperson on site, updating the property manager and council of owners at completion.
  2. On another occasion, we organised for an electrician to replace 5 lights which were blown across two of the building's lobby areas.
  3. Power washing a balcony area ahead of a 'for sale' inspection (unasked/outside of scope)

The building owners and tenants were pleased with the improved quality (they gave us 5 out of 5 stars on our most recent customer satisfaction survey).

Michelle, the Strata Manager looking after the East Perth property, no longer had to deal with the weekly cleaning complaints from owners and tenants.  Michelle could sometimes spend up to 6 hours a week dealing with the various issues at the property. Now she has more time for the important things and has a far better relationships with the building owners and tenants.

Call Us For A Chat

If this sounds like a hassle-free solution and want to know how we can make your life easier — please give Robert or Patrick a call on (08) 6558 1862 or fill out the quote request form.

  • Eco-Friendly & Sustainable
  • Attention To Detail
  • GPS Tracked Cleaners 
  • Frequent Inspections
  • Fully Vetted Cleaners
  • No Lock In Contracts