Jewellery at Shiels Cockburn Made To Look Like New Again

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend (Except When They’re Dirty)

We recently completed a retail and shop front clean for Shiels Jewellers in Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre. The team at Shiels were extremely impressed with the attention to detail our cleaners showed during the service – they made sure they didn’t leave until the place was perfect.

It’s hard to promote your rings, watches and jewellery from glass cabinets with fingerprints and smudges across them. Presentation is key when it comes to retail cleaning. That’s why we made sure the products looked their best, the diamonds were sparkling, and there wasn’t a spot of dust or dirt left on the property.

Some of the things done by our team of friendly cleaners:

  • Cleaned glass display cabinets inside and out
  • Removed dirt from vents and ceiling fans
  • Deep clean of the “SHIELS” signage at the top of retail store
  • Cleaned the protective shutters and gates that are used each night
Retail Cleaning Perth

The Shiels Ceiling Fan and Air Vent Look Much Better After A Deep Clean From Our Cleaners.

Jan, the Store Manager for Shiels Jewellers at Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre, had this to say after the clean:

“Our glass sliding door cabinets and shop-front signage have never looked so clean! In all my time as Store Manager, this is the best I’ve seen it”

Word Spreads Quickly In Western Australia

After completing another thorough and high-quality job, we received calls from other Shiels stores also wanting the same great service. Word spread around town fast, the Perth store in Carillon City called the same day looking for a quote to clean their windows and glass cabinets.

If you need retail cleaning done right – you know who to call. Request a fast and free quote today.