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The Story

Like you, we've worked in Perth offices. Before we were cleaners, we were office workers at locations all over the city. We know that the quality of some cleaning companies can slip over time — we saw it first hand! And it's the number 1 reason customers choose to switch to us, 85% of our customers come to us because they are unhappy with their current cleaners.

After witnessing just how bad commercial cleaning quality was in Perth, we thought to ourselves: There's a better way to do this.

So we started the company and made it our mission to focus on the little things, so you don't have to.

Our cleaners approach all jobs with a friendly, positive attitude and the highest degree of professionalism to make sure you have the very best experience working with us. Read about our quality.

Of course, living in a beautiful city like Perth, we care about the environment. That's why we are committed to using environmentally friendly cleaning products and practices to minimise our impact on the environment. Find out more here.

Our clients love that we are available 24/7 around the clock for any enquiries or comments, it's one way we provide exceptional customer service.

Senior Team

Patrick Elliott Intrepid Cleaning Perth

Patrick Elliott

Patrick founded the company, he has a Bachelor of Commerce (with Honours in Finance) and Bachelor of Economics from the University of Western Australia. Home grown in WA, his passion is the company and he loves getting out and about, staying active and playing sport including AFL, basketball and tennis.

Robert Intrepid Cleaning Perth

Rob Tomlin

Rob holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Economics from the University of Western Australia. Rob brings invaluable experience, gained working with some of Australia's largest corporations across Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Rob has held positions with KPMG and Westpac Banking Corporation where he was recognised for his management skills. Rob is a big AFL fan and has a passion for music.

About Us

When we're not watching AFL or down at the beach, we're working hard to make customers (like you) happy with our service.

You have enough work on your plate. You shouldn't have to worry about managing the cleaners on top of all your other tasks. That's why we select the best cleaners — usually trialing 5 or 6 before finding a cleaner that meets our standards — and triple check their work through onsite supervision and inspections.

This is how we make sure nothing 'slips through the gaps' and you get a great, hassle-free service.

If you're located in the Perth metropolitan area, there's a good chance we are already cleaning a property in your area!

Similing Cleaner at Intrepid Cleaners

Company Purpose


We do all the little things for two reasons:

  • To make our customers happy; and,
  • Improve the lives of our staff


It's pretty simple...

We want to be remembered for doing the little things each and every service.




Because it's how we make YOU happy.

You'll be happy because those small cleaning frustrations and annoyances will be a thing of the past.

But more importantly, your colleagues will LOVE YOU after you finally put an end to what felt like never-ending cleaning issues.

Hearing someone ask:

"Did the cleaners even come?"

At 8:45am Monday morning, will be a thing of the past!

Enjoy your time as office hero.  Don't let your colleagues forget that YOU were the one responsible for hiring such AMAZING cleaners.


2. Values

  • The 'Little Things'
  • Integrity
  • Environment
  • Customer Service
Intrepid Cleaning Perth About Us
  • Eco-Friendly & Sustainable
  • Attention To Detail
  • GPS Tracked Cleaners 
  • Frequent Inspections
  • Fully Vetted Cleaners
  • No Lock In Contracts