School Cleaning, Done Differently

Perth's first choice for school cleaning services — a different approach, with a focus on the 'little things'

Is Your Office Cleaner Doing All The Little Things?

Are your current cleaners making you look bad?

Are all the 'little things' being done every time your office is cleaned?

Bad cleaning can become frustrating...

Looking up at a ceiling fan covered in dust, or a window sill that has 3-months worth of dirt.  Signs of 'lazy' cleaning.  These problems may sound small and trivial... but we've found by focusing on the smaller details, it makes a BIG difference to our Perth customers.

Cleaning at your workplace should happen in the background.  You have enough work to do in your office, your time shouldn't be spent dealing with commercial cleaners.

Office cleaning dirty fan Intrepid Cleaning
Dusty ceiling fans?
Office cleaning dirty bathroom sink Intrepid Cleaning
Grimy bathroom sinks?
Commercial cleaners wall mark Intrepid Cleaning
Marks on the walls?

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Why You Will Love Us

  • Cleaners that do all the little things when cleaning your property
  • No lock in contracts = no risk for you
  • Fully vetted cleaners, because we don't take chances with your workplace
  • GPS tracked cleaners with electronic time attendance, so you get what you pay for
  • More onsite supervision & inspections so your cleaning quality won't drop
  • Insurance — you name it, we have it — public liability, product liability, workers comp, key loss

Helping To Clean Up Ocean Plastic

When you choose us, you're helping to stop plastic waste ending up in our beaches and oceans.

We donate 20% of annual profit to supporting local non-profit Greenbatch in their mission to build WA's only plastic recycling facility.

We help Perth businesses reduce their environmental impact through our recycle bin initiative. Find out more.

Commercial cleaning Perth partnership with Greenbatch


A Permanent Team For Your Protection

Our cleaners pass a strict on-boarding process for your peace of mind (police clearance, background checks, WWC clearance)... but the real secret to providing Perth's best cleaning service is that we have a permanent team in place.

A permanent team allows us to provide the same great office cleaning service every week, and avoid one of the most common complaints in our industry about cleaners — the feeling that your cleaning instructions are getting lost with every staff change.

Perth School Cleaning Team

Quality Standards That Don't Drop

More inspections and supervision time at your workplace.

Regular quality control inspections and more supervisor time on site means we catch problems before you do.

These inspections keep your office suffering from 'lazy' cleaning or standards that drop over time.

How often do we have a supervisor on-site to inspect the clean?

There is no magic formula because it comes down to knowing our cleaners. We've had a supervisor attend 10 consecutive cleans with a new staff member, or as little as once in every 10 cleans for our experienced cleaners. Because we're a small team, we know our people and the level of support each person (and each job) needs!

Perth Office Cleaners

We Do The Little Things

Our professional cleaning team has a big focus on doing the ‘little things’ around your commercial office workplace.

  • Cleaning behind your computer monitor
  • Under your keyboard
  • Window sills and ledges
  • Door handles
  • Scuff and fingerprint marks from walls 

Imagine a cleaner that did all that... every service.

Your colleagues will love you for it!

Intrepid Cleaning Services Perth

Some more happy customers...

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