6 Tips for a Clean and Healthy Office

Hygiene levels in your office affect employee efficiency, productivity and morale. A dirty office can be a breeding ground for germs and has the potential to cause and spread staff illness. On the other hand, a safe and clean office leaves a lasting impression on potential and existing clients. In this article, we unpack six tips for a clean and healthy office:

1. Declutter your office

Often people can keep old and unused items in the office or on their desks. This can make for an untidy work environment and can be a hiding place for dust. It is important to encourage staff to get rid of clutter and place any unused desks or office furniture in storage. Simple strategies such as implementing an ‘end of week tidy-up’ can be effective in reducing clutter.

2. Use hand sanitisers and refill washroom soap promptly

How often does your staff sanitise their hands? To encourage them to do so, ensure that hand sanitisers are available close to workstations. Another way to prevent cross-contamination in the office is by refilling washroom detergents promptly and ensure other consumables are always filled. The hands are well-known germ transfer points which is why it’s important to keep them clean in an office setting.

3. Avoid food mess

We’re the first to admit it, snacks are an everyday part of life (and often the highlight of a given workday!) Most of us like to bring in some food to work, whether it’s a muesli bar in the top draw or some yogurt in the office fridge. But unfortunately, leftovers can create a serious mess, particularly if snacks are consumed at the desk. Ensure your office has ample rubbish bins located close to individual workstations and encourage staff to use them. A regular cleaner can empty these for you and this will help to maintain a healthy office.

4. Carpet and tile cleaning

The office carpet can hold a lot of dust which can cause illness and trigger allergic reactions if not cleaned. It is important to have your carpet regularly vacuumed using machines fitted with HEPA filtering systems to capture tiny airborne particles.  Hard and tiled floor should be cleaned using eco-friendly products to minimise health risks to your employees and visitors while keeping your office looking great.

5. Keep waste baskets at every work station

We’ve noticed that a great way to encourage others to keep their work area clean is to make it easy for them to clean themselves. That’s why having waste baskets close to employee workstations makes it that little bit easier for them to clean up – sometimes this is all that separates a clean office worker and a messy one. Accessible waste baskets will ensure general waste and food scraps are disposed in the right manner. These bins should be emptied regularly, and bin liners should be replaced frequently to keep your office healthy.

6. Hire a trusted commercial office cleaner

Quality office cleaners are the best way to ensure your office stays clean. However, you have to be careful making sure you hire experts who use quality equipment and products. For professional office cleaning, contact us for a quote today.

So how clean is your office? You now know the best tips to keep your office at a high standard of cleanliness. Remember that cleaning services should be tailored to your needs, with a provider that focuses on the small things and maintains regular communication between cleaner and client. Contact us for Perth’s best commercial cleaning services.