Cottesloe Office Gets a Cool Clean Ahead of Summer

Have you ever seen your office cleaners in Perth arrive with ladders in hand? Didn’t think so. It’s not normal, but then again, neither is our service! Every office is unique, and we understand that your Perth office will have its own set of cleaning requirements. We customize each job according to the space, and…

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Doing The Little Things — Cleaning Office Bins Inside and Out

Perth Office Bin Cleaning

Our Attention To Detail Sets Us Apart We talk a lot about our attention to detail here at Intrepid Cleaning. But sometimes, words are meaningless without concrete examples. We recently started cleaning for an office in the Subiaco area. The previous cleaners were happy to come in each day — after all the office workers…

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6 Tips for a Clean and Healthy Office

Office cleaning tips

Hygiene levels in your office affect employee efficiency, productivity and morale. A dirty office can be a breeding ground for germs and has the potential to cause and spread staff illness. On the other hand, a safe and clean office leaves a lasting impression on potential and existing clients. In this article, we unpack six…

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How clean is your office?

Office hygiene is an important but frequently overlooked topic for Australian employers. It’s often easier to focus on the hygiene of high traffic areas (restrooms and break rooms), but let’s face the facts: Your office desk can have up to 400 times more bacteria than an average office toilet seat! According to research from the…

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