Our process

We’re not a company which just turns up, does the bare minimum and then signs off. We use a five stage process to ensure you’re receiving the highest quality service, and that you know who to get in touch with if there’s anything further you need.


We start each project with a clear plan. You’ll receive a detailed document which lays out exactly what we’ll do, when we’ll do it, and the standard of cleaning that we’ll guarantee. This includes maps of the school, job checklists and key diary dates for absolute clarity.


You’ll be given a contact number for a member of our management team, so you’ll always have someone senior to speak to directly with any concerns. Out of hours, we have a monitored email or SMS service, so we’re never out of touch.

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We understand that schools have a busy and varied calendar, and we plan our service to work around that. Whether that’s changing our schedule to avoid disruption, or providing extra services before or after a major event, we’ll fit around your commitments.


We don’t wait for you to tell us how well the job’s gone. We’ll have senior members of staff on site regularly to assess how well we’re delivering on the plan, and to make sure our team are doing those little extras on which we pride ourselves.


It’s really important to us that our customers let us know how we’re doing, and if there is an issue, that they alert us as soon as possible. To make that easy for you, we have an online portal where you can submit any concerns, as well as track our responses.