Perth's natural environment is world-class. We love it and we are passionate about preserving it.

Our passion

What makes Perth great? Ask 100 sandgropers and most will agree it’s the lifestyle. We're surrounded by beautiful beaches that go on for kilometres, leafy suburbs, a world-class river system and a quick drive from the hills or south west.

Certified products

We avoid the use of cleaning products which could be harmful to staff, students, or the wider environment. We only purchase GECA certified products from trusted suppliers, and the cleaning methods we use ensure we leave no residue on floors, surfaces or furnishings.

School Cleaners Perth


We can supply and install recycling stations at our clients’ premises. In the past we have helped schools and offices to develop and implement a sustainability management plan.

We work with Greenbatch, a local WA charity, that helps schools turn their plastic waste in 3D printing filament.

Waste reduction

Recycling is great, but we'd rather go one better. Our cleaning product dispersing system works to minimise excess packaging, and we try to avoid plastics and single-use materials that take hundreds of years to break down.

Resource conservation

Our cleaning processes are designed to limit water usage and prevent unnecessary wastage. We can use grey water sources for exterior cleaning such as driveways and pavement, all of which helps save both water itself and the energy cost of distributing and processing it.