We Are Committed To The Environment

What makes Perth great?


Ask 100 sandgropers and most will agree...


The lifestyle.


We're surrounded by beautiful beaches that go on for kilometres, leafy suburbs, a world-class river system and a quick drive from the hills or south west.


Perth's natural environment is world-class. We love it and we are passionate about preserving it.


At Intrepid Cleaning we take our responsibility to the environment and to our staff very seriously. That's why we take pride in using cleaning products that don't harm the environment or people.

Environmentally Friendly Chemicals

We strictly use products that are biodegradable, made from renewable plant resources (not oil-based) and carry a legitimate environmental certification to Australian standards.

  • GECA certified – Australia’s highest ecolabelling authority
  • Made almost entirely from renewable plant resources rather than oil based ingredients
  • Readily biodegradable

These chemicals are effective on dirt but not on the environment.

Eco friendly cleaning accreditation lgo

Systems Designed To Reduce Waste

We promote sustainability.


All our cleaning processes are designed with the environment in mind.


We put the environment first and you can see it at every stage of our business — we take into account detergent use concentration, water consumption and even distance travelled by our team.


Here are some ways we practice what we preach:


  • Minimisation of Chemicals — All of our cleaners are trained to use chemicals responsibly, safely and economically. Including safe disposal of cleaning products


  • Water Conservation — Our cleaning processes are designed to limit water usage and prevent unnecessary wastage


  • Recycling — We work with our customers to help them implement recycling systems in their office or workplace. For example, in the past we've supplied and installed recycling stations and arranged 'yellow lid' bins from the council. For one of our eco-conscious customers in Fremantle, we even drop their used Nespresso coffee capsules off at a recycling drop-off point once per month (where the capsules are shredded, melted down and turned into new aluminum products)


  • Waste Reduction — Recycling is great, but we'd rather go one better. Our cleaning product dispersing system works to minimise excess packaging, and we try to avoid plastics and single-use materials that take hundreds of years to break down


We are always looking to partner with like-minded customers who share our ideas.

  • Eco-Friendly & Sustainable
  • Attention To Detail
  • GPS Tracked Cleaners 
  • Frequent Inspections
  • Fully Vetted Cleaners
  • No Lock In Contracts