Choosing A New Commercial Cleaner Is Boring

It’s A Time-consuming Task to be Done on Top of Your Existing Work Responsibilities, So Why Bother?


Let’s face it. Choosing a new commercial cleaner isn’t the most exciting process…


We are the first to admit that. 


Our passion for high quality standards and 5-star customer service is what makes Intrepid Cleaning unique.

Why do we do it?

It’s because we are enthusiastic about our service and we want to give you the best customer experience imaginable.

But… we don’t expect everyone to share our enthusiasm (or obsession) for cleaning — quite frankly, it would be weird if they did! So, while we get excited about every new job we start, we understand choosing a new cleaner for your workplace is added work for you.

It’s an additional task dumped on your plate. It adds to your growing ‘to do’ list and takes time out of an already busy work day.


We get it.


By now you’re probably thinking:

“Hiring a new cleaner is just another boring job I have to do. It’s a thankless task and it means more admin work for me! Why am I even reading this stupid article?”

You are not wrong (except for the stupid article part!)

So how would we respond, what would we say about this?

We’d say…




Yes… you’re right! Hiring new cleaners is boring, takes a lot of time out of your day, and often involves dealing with incompetent cleaning companies that over-promise and under-deliver…

That is right, most of the time.


It doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve proved it to our customers, over and over again.

Yes, hiring a new cleaning company is usually a boring process, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be fun, interesting and painless for you.

You read that right, it can actually be fun for you.


How? Keep reading…


Getting a quote from our team is not something you should dread. Instead, we make it a quick and enjoyable process. We even go so far as saying you will never regret getting a quote from us, and here’s how we make sure of it:


  • Every new quote comes with a FREE Gift — you’ll get a FREE Gift just for asking us to quote. It makes an enjoyable process for you (who doesn’t like free stuff?) The type of gift changes all the time, in the past we’ve given: ECOYA scented diffusers, portable power banks, free driveway pressure cleans. And the best part? You get to keep it, whether you end up using our service or not.


  • Fast Response & Turnaround — Request an Express Cleaning Quote and we’ll call you back immediately. We organise a quick 10-minute walk through of your property at a time that suits you. And we’ll even send you a quote the very same day if that’s your preference. Because no one wants (or has the time) to spend their week trading emails back and forth with cleaning companies.


  • FREE Spring Clean — It’s likely you’re contacting us because your current cleaning is not up to scratch and things could look A LOT better. Our first clean comes with a FREE Spring Clean at no additional cost. After we’re done, you will be the superstar of your office. We guarantee your team members will notice the improvement. So get ready for ‘celebrity-status’ around the water cooler when everyone knows you were responsible for bringing in the new cleaners and lifting the standards. (Don’t worry, we’ll let you take the credit!)


Our Guarantee to You

We’re so confident that you will love our service, if you’re unhappy with your first clean (for any reason), you pay nothing. We’ll fix it the same day, and you’ll still pay nothing.

It’s a big promise to make, but we have a small team of permanent staff which allows us to make these claims, and then deliver on them.


We Are NOT a Franchise

We are a local, Perth-based company.

Unlike other cleaning companies in Perth, we’re not a franchise model — that is, we don’t give you a quote that will ultimately be fulfilled by someone else: a cleaner who is a franchisee. In this case, the sales person from the cleaning company provides you the quote but then ‘handballs’ your job to a poor franchisee (often making them pay a fee for your job). There’s no accountability and you are now someone else’s problem…

We could go all day about the problems of the franchising model, including the inherent ethical issues. But the bottom line is, when we make promises to you during the quoting process, we are the ones who follow through and deliver on what we say.