How To Tender For Your New School Cleaner — 6 Steps To Follow

School Cleaners Perth

Going Out To Tender For A New School Cleaner Should Not Be Hard. Follow These 6 Steps To Avoid A Lemon. Finding the best school cleaning service is extremely important. The school cleaning company you choose can make you the hero or villain in the eyes of your staff and colleagues. If you pick the…

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7 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A New Commercial Cleaner

Protect Your Workplace From Low Quality Cleaning Companies That Can Damage Your Property And Lead To Lawsuits     Hiring a new commercial cleaner can be a quick and easy process. Avoid shady operators and minimise the risk to your company by asking these straight-forward questions. We’ve put together this guide to help you through…

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Choosing A New Commercial Cleaner Is Boring

Hiring a Commercial Cleaner in Perth

It’s A Time-consuming Task to be Done on Top of Your Existing Work Responsibilities, So Why Bother?   Let’s face it. Choosing a new commercial cleaner isn’t the most exciting process…   We are the first to admit that.    Our passion for high quality standards and 5-star customer service is what makes Intrepid Cleaning…

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