7 Mistakes To Avoid When Going To Market For A New School Cleaner

Protect Your School From Low-Quality Cleaning Companies

Hiring a new contract cleaner for your school does not have to be a stressful process. Use these tips to avoid unreliable operators and minimise risks to your school. We’ve put together this guide to help you choose a reliable school cleaner. By asking these questions early, you can avoid potential headaches and issues down the line.


Mistake 1: Choosing a Cleaner That Is Under-Insured or Has Policy Restrictions


Imagine arriving at your school on a Monday morning to find critical equipment missing due to a security lapse by the cleaners. Not only would you face the hassle of replacing the equipment, but if your cleaners are under-insured or have inadequate coverage, your school might end up bearing the costs.

Ensure your school cleaner has the following insurance coverage:

  • Product and Public Liability Insurance: Ensure they have $20 million coverage to avoid insufficient policies with numerous exclusions.
  • Full Coverage: Verify that additional services like carpet and window cleaning are covered.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance: Required by state law, this covers cleaners whether they are employees or subcontractors.
  • Key Loss Extension Policy: Covers the cost of re-securing the building if keys are misplaced.

Always ask to see the ‘Certificate of Currency’ and lists of exclusions for each policy before choosing your next school cleaner.


Mistake 2: Not Asking About Quality Control

High-quality service should be evident in every interaction with your cleaner. Ensure your school cleaner has robust quality control processes in place by asking:

  • “Can I see an example checklist that the cleaners will be following?”
  • “How often will there be a supervisor on-site to check the work?”
  • “What methods do you use to ensure customer satisfaction?”
  • “What training do you provide your cleaners?”

These questions help ensure that the cleaner can demonstrate their high standards through established processes and controls.

As the saying goes: Talk is cheap

It’s better that a cleaning company can demonstrate their quality through existing processes and controls. Instead of just claiming it.

Find out how they check to ensure cleaners complete all weekly, fortnightly and non-daily periodic tasks.

Ask to see an example checklist, how frequent the inspections happen, and what level of support is provided throughout the service.


Mistake 3: Choosing a Company That Relies on Temporary Staff

A stable, permanent cleaning team provides consistent, high-quality service. Avoid cleaners who rely heavily on temporary staff, as this can lead to inconsistencies and safety concerns. Ensure your cleaner has a permanent team that is well-vetted and trained.


Mistake 4: Lack of Detail in the Scope  

There needs to be a highly detailed scope of services. Without a well-defined scope, there is too much room for interpretation about what is included and what is not included. All buildings and rooms need to be listed as well as the accompanying list of cleaning tasks and frequencies for each room.

This clarity prevents misunderstandings and ensures that all areas receive the attention they need.

Both the School and Contractor need to spend time up front agreeing and defining the scope, so it is very clear what is expected in terms of cleaning.


Mistake 5: Not Checking References and Testimonials

Ask potential cleaning companies for references and check their website for testimonials from other school. Rely on your school networks to check with other schools the contractor cleans to verify they go a good job.


Mistake 6: Choosing a Company Without School Experience

Make sure the cleaning contractor you choose for your school has a track record in servicing schools.

School cleaning is very different to office or commercial cleaning. Avoid engaging a generalist, or run the risk that the contractor is unable to deliver on the contract.


Mistake 7: Using A Franchise

Avoid franchise cleaning companies that may not provide consistent quality or fair wages to their cleaners. These companies often disconnect the quoting process from the actual cleaning service, leading to potential quality issues.

By following these guidelines, you can select a reliable and high-quality school cleaner that meets your needs and ensures a safe, clean learning environment for students and staff.


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