Consistently Meeting the Highest Quality

We understand that you want to focus on your core business, not managing the day to day cleaning of your premise.

Some cleaning companies are more trouble than they are worth, at Intrepid Cleaning we will assign a dedicated supervisor to your premise to ensure cleaning quality remains at the highest standard.

On top of this, we also carry out regular quality-control inspections of our service to safeguard against any fall in quality, and to make sure you are getting the service you paid for.

Don’t spend your time chasing up cleaners to make sure the job is done right, let us handle the details so that you can focus on managing other aspects of the office. On the very rare occasion that we might miss something, we will re-clean the area with no arguing and no questions asked.

High Quality Commercial Cleaning Perth

An Eye for Detail


We are passionate about cleaning and we differentiate ourselves by doing the small things that other cleaners miss. On every new job, our cleaners challenge themselves to exceed expectations. We are constantly looking for new ways to go above and beyond.

Not only do we complete the usual tasks performed by commercial cleaners such as vacuuming, mopping, dusting and bathroom management; we also:

  • Disinfect door handles and other high-touch areas
  • Remove fingerprints from glass doors and panels
  • Clean breakroom microwaves and fridges
  • Clean around the bases of toilets
  • Dust desk items: monitors, keyboards, tissue boxes
  • Remove grime from kitchen and bathroom tap handles
  • Replace bin liners and disinfect inside and outside the bin
  • Clean grime from light switches
  • Dust skirting and window sills
  • Leave surfaces without sticky residue

Latest Equipment and Technology

We use only the best cleaning equipment and the latest technology when cleaning your premise which helps to preserve and extend the life of your carpet and surfaces.

Our techniques ensure there is no leftover cleaning product residue on surfaces. We don’t believe in using harsh chemicals and all our products are environmentally friendly to maintain a safe and healthy workplace for your staff.

Best and Latest Cleaning Equipment Perth