How We Help Streamline School Events

At Intrepid Cleaning, we know schools. We understand that schools are a dynamic environment, and we plan around key events on the school calendar.

For our client, Aquinas College, their major event of the year is their Open Day for new parents and students, held on Sunday, 17 March 2024.

Open Day 2024 Preparations

Understanding the significance of Aquinas College’s Open Day—a pivotal event for attracting prospective students and showcasing the school’s offerings—Intrepid Cleaning embarked on a meticulously planned operation. After meeting with the Property Manager and understanding the tour route and requirements, our goal was to ensure the campus was presented in the best light for the school. We organised for our cleaners to address key tour areas in the weeks leading up to the tour, doing the ‘little extras’ such as external cobwebbing, window cleaning, and other items that are not typically in scope.

We strategically scheduled a major clean of the school a day before the tour, on the Saturday, in a small window to work around the PSA sport use. Senior staff walked each of the tour areas to guarantee that every area, from classrooms, common areas to sports facilities, was in impeccable condition, despite the high foot traffic and extensive use of facilities.

Day of the Tour

Our approach to supporting Aquinas College extended beyond pre-event cleaning. Recognising that last-minute issues can arise, especially during significant events, we had teams on standby throughout the Open Day. This readiness allowed us to address any unexpected needs promptly, demonstrating our flexibility and dedication to maintaining a pristine environment at all times.

Going Above and Beyond

A testament to our comprehensive service offering was our involvement in the quick turnaround of the Veritas Library, used late in the day for the tour but required for NAPLAN testing the following day. Our team of cleaners assisted in setting up 120 tables and chairs, we went beyond traditional cleaning roles, aligning our services with the school’s operational schedule and critical academic activities. This proactive engagement exemplifies our philosophy of partnership, where we contribute to the smooth execution of school events and critical academic milestones.

Unrivalled Support for Perth Schools

Intrepid Cleaning’s contribution to Aquinas College’s Open Day is a prime example of how we make life easier for school Business Managers and Property Managers. By aligning our cleaning services with the school calendar and key events, we ensure that educational institutions can present themselves in the best possible manner without the added stress of managing cleaning operations. Our expertise in anticipating and addressing the specific needs of schools during significant events allows our partners to concentrate on what they do best: educating future generations.

In choosing Intrepid Cleaning, schools in Perth can trust in a partner that is not only committed to excellence in cleaning but also deeply invested in the success of their events and the well-being of their communities.

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