Maintaining a clean and healthy school environment is crucial for learning. Preventing the spread of germs and creating a positive & clean learning environment.

Cleaning procedures

Our step-by-step cleaning procedures for various areas of a school include classrooms, restrooms, gymnasiums, and cafeterias. Intrepid Cleaning provides helpful tips for effective cleaning and disinfection.

Choosing the right cleaning products

The importance of using the right cleaning products in schools to ensure safety and effectiveness. Intrepid Cleaning provides recommendations for eco-friendly and non-toxic products.

Creating a cleaning schedule

The importance of creating a cleaning schedule for schools, including the frequency of cleaning and specific tasks to be completed. Intrepid Cleaning provides tips for creating an effective cleaning schedule.

Hiring a professional cleaning service

The benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service for schools include increased efficiency and effectiveness and providing recommendations for selecting the right cleaning service.

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Maintaining a clean school environment

Intrepid Cleaning provides helpful tips for maintaining a clean and healthy school environment, such as proper waste management, regular maintenance, and encouraging good hygiene practices among students and staff.

Common cleaning challenges in schools

Common cleaning challenges that schools may face, such as cleaning up after a significant event or dealing with graffiti and providing solutions.

Best practices for cleaning during a pandemic

Intrepid Cleaning can list the importance of maintaining a clean and safe school environment during a pandemic and provide tips for effective cleaning and disinfection.

Cleaning equipment and supplies

Intrepid Cleaning use multiple types of cleaning equipment and supplies needed for school cleaning, such as vacuum cleaners, mops, and disinfectants.

Training and certification for school cleaners

Intrepid Cleaning know the importance of training and certification for school cleaners and provide information on our diligent vetted team members.

All of our team members are GPS tracked to ensure complete visibility and transparency.

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FREE Tender Request Template

We've made it easy for you. Get a FREE 'Request For Tender' template in Word format, direct to your inbox. You can edit the template in 5 minutes, add your school's details and then send to prospective cleaning companies and assess your options.

Template tender request for school cleaning

What To Look For In A New School Cleaner

1. Checks & Supervision

    • Do they have established processes?
    • How often are inspections completed?
    • Will there be a dedicated supervision on site, how many days per week?


2. Timely Communication

    • Who will be the point of communication?
    • Will someone be available outside of school hours?
    • How flexible are they to respond to school events, and changing cleaning requirements?


3. Transparency

    • Given the duty of care to students, what checks are in place to protect students?
    • Are cleaners fully background checked and vetted, how frequent is cleaning staff turnover?
    • Do they GPS track their cleaners?


4. Risk Management

    • Do they have appropriate insurance, including additional cover for keys or access cards?
    • Are pay rates aboveboard, and is there a strong commitment to OH&S?
    • What are the policies and procedures in case something goes wrong?
School Cleaners Perth
School Cleaners Perth

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  • Fully Vetted Cleaners
  • Uniformed, ID and WWC
  • GPS Tracking 
  • Frequent Inspections
  • Eco-Friendly & Sustainable
  • Attention To Detail