The #Trashtag Phenomenon Has Gone Viral

A positive social media challenge has recently emerged and gone viral. Internet users all over the globe are posting before and after photos of areas where they've cleaned up a public place.

It's called #trashtag and it's reminded us that social media can be a powerful tool to drive positive change.

The trend started on the social media site Reddit, and has now inspired people all over the world to clean up our precious environment.

People are cleaning up roadsides...

And beaches...

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Our Local Perth Approach

We are passionate about Perth's world-class environment.

After seeing the #trashtag movement take off, here at Intrepid Cleaning we thought it was a great opportunity to inspire local action in Perth, Western Australia.

Our local 'twist' on this global social media trend is offering a FREE Spring Clean of your office or workplace to anyone that takes part in #trashtag.

We want to encourage others to take care of our environment. We only have the one Earth — we need to look after it.

If you're in Perth and want to surprise your workmates with a free clean, simply go outside and help to clean up a public place.

How It Works

Want to get involved? Here's how:

  1. Go to your local Perth beach, park or oval
  2. Fill one or more garbage bag of rubbish (standard-sized ~72L)
  3. Share before and after photos using the hashtag #trashtag and tag us (Intrepid Cleaning) to let us and your friends know
  4. We'll get in contact to arrange a FREE Spring Clean, and send out two of our friendly cleaners to give your office or workplace a FREE 2-hour detailed clean

You help to clean up our epic natural environment, and we'll help you clean up your workplace. Consider it a 'thank you' for keeping Perth beautiful.

You'll do some good for the planet, and your coworkers will love their freshly cleaned workplace.

Happy cleaning!