Newman College - School Cleaning Case Study

Newman College is a Catholic co-educational high school in the Churchlands area of Perth with 1,800 students and 230 staff.

The team at Newman College approached Intrepid due to unsatisfactory performance by the previous cleaning company, who were failing to meet expectations.

Problems faced:

  • Basic cleaning tasks, which had been agreed as part of the contract were not being completed consistently or to an adequate standard.
  • Reports from the school’s Property Manager regarding issues with the service were not addressed.
  • Complaints were coming in from teaching staff who were frustrated to be working in substandard conditions.
  • Overall, communication was extremely poor, with the College finding it difficult or impossible to escalate the issues faced or receive any kind of response or explanation.

We booked a site meeting to get to know the team, and to familiarise ourselves with the extensive premises, allowing us to put together a detailed proposal for daily cleaning, along with options for extra cleaning ahead of or following specific events.

Understandably, the main priority for Newman College in selecting a new cleaning partner was trust. To ensure we were able to build an honest and open working relationship from the outset, we implemented the below.

Our solutions:

  • Detailed checklists and task tracking for every aspect of the service, however small, to ensure nothing could be missed, giving at-a-glance confirmation that all items on the cleaning schedule had been completed correctly.
  • A dedicated supervisor to act as a primary point of contact and conduct regular inspections of our work – meaning that the team at Newman College wouldn’t have to spend their valuable time checking up on our staff.
  • An online portal, so that any member of staff at the college could report any issues or make additional requests via their computer or smartphone, rather than having to find the time to make a call or escalate it internally. Full reporting of requests and resolutions was included for transparency.

Since we began working with Newman College in December 2019, we’ve had continuous positive feedback on the quality of cleaning provided.

Staff at the College report that they’re happier with the environment and no longer waste time reporting problems or omissions.

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"I would recommend Intrepid to any school looking for a cleaning contractor that values the relationship as highly as their standards."

Thomas Wagner | Newman College

Director of Operations & Engagement