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Good cleaning is important for any business, but especially for childcare centres. Young children are one of the most vulnerable groups to infections – and unfortunately, also the most likely to seek out germs!

If you run a daycare or creche, you are responsible for the safety and well-being of the children under your care. Maintaining a clean and hygienic space is one of the most important preventive measures you can take to reduce sickness, loss of reputation or even closure.

Daycare cleaning can be a demanding job, especially when you already have your hands full. That’s why successful childcare centres turn to the professionals! Intrepid Cleaning’s daycare cleaners Perth and WA can take care of the small details so you can give your little ones the attention they deserve.

Why is good daycare cleaning so important?

Clean and sanitary facilities are one of the most important criteria for parents choosing a child care provider. If your current cleaners leave something to be desired, they could be risking the health and safety of the kids in your care, as well as your reputation.


As all daycare staff know, children’s curiosity knows no bounds. If something can be touched or chewed, it will be!

With their more sensitive immune systems, love of exploring and lack of understanding about hygiene, young children in childcare are unfortunately at high risk of infections. These in turn may be passed on to other people they interact with.

While colds will always happen, professional cleaning can reduce the spread of serious illnesses at your day care. Experienced child care cleaners know the hotspots for germs and will make sure these are regularly disinfected to reduce the spread of infectious diseases.


Young children are more vulnerable to toxic chemicals, which may irritate their skin or could even be ingested, so daycare cleaning products must be chosen appropriately. Poor quality cleaning can also expose sensitive children to allergens.

Responsible childcare cleaners use natural, non-toxic and Eco-friendly products wherever possible, to help protect kids, staff and your surroundings from harm. Experienced cleaners know how to choose green cleaning products that are still effective at removing bacteria and dirt.


If your child care centre or nursery provides preschool education, it has been proven that children learn much more effectively in clean surroundings. Dirt and clutter can be a distraction and affect their mood, as well as that of teachers and other staff.

Good daycare cleaning can boost early learning by providing a peaceful and focused environment that helps to make them ready for big school. You could also improve staff morale and retention.


Daycare is a competitive industry, and when parents have a range of options to choose from, they can afford to be picky. Quality of cleaning is a critical factor that could sway decisions in or out of your favour and determine whether you are likely to get repeat business and referrals.

Regular cleaning by motivated daycare cleaners will make sure your facilities are presentable, give parents confidence that their kids will be in safe hands and help to grow or maintain your reputation in your community.

What does childcare cleaning involve?

Childcare cleaning services can vary from case to case, depending on your needs. However, general tasks performed by daycare cleaners include:

  • Cleaning floors and all surfaces of dirt
  • Cleaning toys daily
  • Disinfecting high-touch areas, including door handles, play equipment and bathrooms
  • Bathroom cleaning and maintenance
  • Window cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Using safe, non-toxic cleaning products

Your daycare cleaning company should discuss your cleaning requirements and your budget andwork with you to develop a cost-effective, customised package.

What to look for in daycare cleaners

If you’re hiring childcare cleaners for the first time, or you’re not completely satisfied with your current provider, you need to be confident that the company you choose will live up to your high standards and won’t let you down.

Some important areas to ask about are:

  • Are their cleaners subject to regular inspections or do they have dedicated on-site supervisors?
  • Who will be the point of contact with your business?
  • Can they provide after-hours cleaning services?
  • Do they employ their own cleaners or use an outside agency?
  • Have their cleaners been fully vetted for working around children?
  • Do their cleaners wear uniforms and ID badges for ease of identification?
  • What cleaning products do they use?
  • Are they fully covered by all relevant insurance?

Why choose Intrepid Cleaning?

Intrepid Cleaning was founded with the aim of revolutionising education and childcare cleaning in Perth and WA, so we go the extra mile to make sure your clients will be satisfied. When you hire our professional child care cleaners in Perth, you can expect:

Experienced daycare cleaners

We understand the unique needs and challenges of childcare cleaning more than a general commercial cleaning service.

Attention to detail

We focus on high-touch areas and use the latest cleaning technologies to reduce bacteria and the risk of cross-contamination at your daycare.

Flexible around your schedule

Our cleaners will schedule regular cleaning at convenient times and give your daycare a deep clean outside of term times ready for when children come back.

Chemical-free and environmentally safe

We only use natural and non-toxic cleaning products so young children and your surroundings won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals. We can provide material safety data sheets (MSDS) for all products we use.

Fully-vetted cleaners holding WWC

Our in-house daycare cleaners have completed all appropriate checks, including police background checks and working with children clearances.

Cost-effective cleaning services

We’ll tailor our daycare cleaning service to your exact needs, so you won’t have to worry about paying for extras you don’t need and can save more of your budget.

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