Why The Little Extras Are Essential In Modern School Cleaning

Why The Little Extras Are Essential In Modern School Cleaning


Do you know the biggest challenge of modern school cleaning?

It’s this: No two school weeks are the same.

Building works, extreme weather events, holidays, special events, and not to mention the unpredictable nature of the mess left behind by children.

This ever-changing environment means something very important for a cleaning company:

No “scope of works” or “list of jobs” can ever cover the hundreds of situations that pop up in the school year.

There are always small unexpected tasks that aren’t on any list

We’re proud of the little extras our team members do, and below we celebrate some recent examples…


Dorji leaves other cleaners in her dust

After recent building works at one of our schools, our cleaner Dorji noticed a bathroom door and floor had been left covered in dust from the building job.

It was not on her list.

It was not her responsibility to clean up after the builders.

Yet she took the extra time and cleaned the area spotless.

Our office notified the school’s Property Manager who was very appreciative that we went “above and beyond”.

Dorji’s initiative to spot anything out of place and put it right where she can, is an asset to us and our schools.

Dorji was wearing the correct PPE to handle the clean-up. The remainder of the campus was cleaned to the usual high standard, with the rest of the team helping out.


Sangay goes the extra mile

If you’ve ever lost your phone, you know how stressful it can be.

One of our school cleaners Sangay recently found an iPhone on top of a school locker. Rather than leave it for someone else to find, she went the extra mile to find the owner of the phone ASAP and organized for it to be returned.

The child’s relieved mother sent Patrick this message of thanks.

“Very grateful to your excellent member for her honesty and kindness.”

These daily little extras have become our trademark

Our cleaners are the first to arrive at the school of a morning, so whenever there’s a storm, big event, or anything else out of the ordinary, they are first on the scene.

As Peter Farrer-Smith from Seton College has noticed, they are the eyes and ears of the school:

“The cleaners regularly report items outside their scope of work such as maintenance items, security, and vandalism.”

Taking on these small responsibilities makes life easier for our clients, but it’s also our way of treating our staff as professionals.


Cleaning as a profession

Cleaning can be a thankless industry.

Small extra acts of service are a way for our staff to excel in their work, and play a role that’s more important and more valued than pushing a broom.

To help them excel, we:

  • Make the “extras” a focus of our training.
  • Offer financial incentives to perform these small extras.
  • Allow wiggle room in their schedule to do unexpected extras.

They enjoy the small financial rewards and the small moments of joy when their work is appreciated.


What will happen at your school in times of unexpected change?

We’ve built a culture of expecting the unexpected in an ordinary school week.

So what happens when the world changes virtually overnight? Our cleaners are ready to do whatever is needed (not what’s on their list).

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